Europe - Castle/Medieval Times

Teacher: Mrs. Judi Sees
Unit: Castle Times

castle times

Language & Literacy

Explore Stories of “Castle Times”
True stories of Medieval Times that include information on Kings, Queens, Knights and Peasants.
Introduction to legends of Medieval Times that include: dragons, fairies, coriffins, and wizards
Fantasy Name – choose, illustrate and learn to sign name
Poem – each meeeting begins with a theme related poem. Each child shares words heard and their meanings.
Utilization of kindergarten spelling and writing “the school way” throughout the day.
Daily journal time.

Social Studies/Science

Castle building and architecture. Children learn how and why castles were built.
Construct classroom castle that includes the different parts of a castle. Children learn what the significance of the stone keep, bailey, walls, moat and stained glass windows.
Children learn who could become a Knight and the three different stages to become a Knight – Page, Squire then Knight.
Learn the duties of the Knight: to protect and be loyal.
Learn the evolution of armor, jousts and coat of arms
Rules of chivalry and the importance of being kind and fair at all times.
Sword Hilts- the children earn jewel rewards for following rules and routines in the classroom. Rewards are displayed on their sword hilts.


Emphasize the listening to and following of directions
Reinforce knowledge of patterns and counting skills


Utilize a variety of materials in completion of projects (e.g. markers, paint, oil pastels, clay, etch art, glitter, jewels, feathers, tissue paper).
“Grand Feast” culminating event of “Castle Times” Unit.
Performance for parents that includes the following songs: I’m a Knight, Parts of a Suit of Armor, Puff the Magic Dragon with sign language, and Dragon Pokey.
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