Professional Development

The Needham Public Schools offer an extensive professional development program that includes graduate courses, workshops, and seminars focused on topics of interest and professional needs for our staff.

Please contact the Human Resources Office at 781-455-0400 x230 for more information.
NPS Staff may visit for all professional development courses offered.
Teachers and administrators may also be interested in online professional development offered by:

Workshops and courses offered in the past include:

Extended Day Engineering
Advanced Google for Technology and Innovation Staff
Advancing Standards-Based Education and DDMs in U.S. History
African American Studies
Aligning with History Alive!
American Literature 
Analyze Student Learning Growth Using Assessments
Anti-Bullying Workshop
Anti-Racist School Practices to Support the Success of All Students
AP Computer Science
AP English Common Curriculum Coordination
AP Language Common Curriculum Coordination
AP Physics Lab
AP Studio Art Curriculum
Assessing Writing Conventions
Balanced Literacy Guidebook
Be the Change
Building Culturally Proficient Classrooms and Schools
Calkins Reading Units of Study
Calkins Reading Units of Study Facilitator
Classroom Webpage
Co-Teaching and Freshman Academy
Co-Teaching Math Gr 8
Collaborative 12th Grade
Common Core Alignment and Unit/Lesson Development
Common Core for Grades 3-5
Common Core for Grades K-2
Common Formative Assessments
Common Planning Time
Comprehensive Senior Studios
Connections Curriculum Development
CPR and AED Training for Healthcare Providers
Creating a Google Site
Creating Reading Maps
Crisis Prevention Institute: Non-violent Crisis Intervention Refresher Course
Cultural Proficiency
Cultural Proficiency Vision
Curriculum Mapping/Alignment/Nonfiction
Data Gathering
DDM Design
DESE Evaluation Instrument Training
Developing a Biology Scientific Practice Skills DDM
Developing a Standards Based Practice in the High School History & Social Sciences Department
Developing Common-Formative Assessments in Health and Physical Education
Developing Culture & Norms
Developing District Determined Measures (DDMs) for use in Health and Physical Education
Developing Units of Study for Reading and Writing
Differentiating Myths & Legends Unit Grade 6
Digital Art Course
Digital Literacy: Using a Digital Camera in Your Classroom
Digital Storytelling to Enhance Student Literacy
Discovering Soil Workshop
E.M.I. 12-hour (1 credit) course:   Building Bridges for Understanding Race and Culture:  Helping Students Recognize and Value Cultural Diversity
E.M.I. 12-hour (1 credit) course: Strategies for Examining and Addressing the Academic Achievement Gap
E.M.I. 12.5-hour (1 credit) course - Transforming Curriculum
E.M.I. 12.5-hour (1 credit) course - Understanding Self-Efficacy: Helping Students Do Their Best Work
E.M.I. 12.5-hour (1 credit) course: Difficult Conversations: Talking About Race and Racism with Students, Colleagues, and Parents/Guardians
E.M.I. 24-hour (2 credits) course:  Anti-Racist School Practices to Support the Success of All Students
E.M.I. 25-hour (2 credits) course Anti-Racist School Practices to Support the Success of All Students (EMI 1)
E.M.I. 25-hour (2 credits) course Anti-Racist School Practices to Support the Success of All Students (EMI 1)
E.M.I. 5-hour Seminar - Cultural Proficiency in the Realm of Counseling, Advising, and Mentoring
E.M.I. 5-hour Seminar - Developing Cultural Awareness Through Simulation Games and Activities
E.M.I. 5-hour Seminar - Enhancing Success for Students of Color in Math and Science Classes
E.M.I. 5-hour Seminar - Teaching about Native Americans: Strategies for Avoiding Misconceptions, Stereotypes and Myths
E.M.I. Course for Administrators: Supporting Culturally Proficient Classrooms/Schools
Earth Science Content & Literacy Integration
Elementary Art STEAM
Elementary Library Extended Time
Elementary Literacy and Math Make It -Take It
Elementary Music DDM Development
Elementary Spanish Curriculum
Elementary Visual Art DDM
Elementary Wellness Teachers Common Planning Time
ELL Curriculum
Energy & Motion
Energy & Simple Machines
Engineering and Life Cycles
Engineering Design New Teacher Curriculum Meeting
English 9 Standard Common Curriculum Coordination
Ensuring NHS AP US History Standards & Revising the 20th Century Curriculum
Ensuring the Successful Expansion of the AP Psychology Program at NHS
Evaluation Training: SMART Goals and Educator Plan Development
Exploring Culture
Exploring Flipped Classrooms
Exploring Nature Unit:  Mealworms & Ants
First Class Webpage
Flex ELA Programming
Flex Math Programming
Folklore, fairy tales, myths, fables, legends, tall tales
Fountas & Pinnell Training
Freshman Academy
From PE to Wellness in the Elementary Schools
Fundations K-3
Fundations Workshop
Genre Study: Mysteries for Grades 2-3
Getting Ready for Retirement: Navigating the MTRS
Getting to the Core v 1.0
Google Sites Workshop
Gr 1 Science in Atlas
Gr 12 Humanities
Gr 6 Reading at the Rock
Gr 6-8 Curriculum Alignment/Goals
Gr 6-8 Curriculum Alignment/Writing
Gr 7 Common Assessments/Islam
Gr 7 Curriculum Mapping/Planning/Nonfiction
Gr 7 Social Studies Curriculum Alignment
Gr 7-8 Middle School Music
Gr 7-8 Middle School Visual Art
Gr 8 Curriculum Alignment/Common Assessments
Gr 8 Math Curriculum Alignment
Gr. 6-8 Common Core Alignment
Gr. 8 Experiential Education
Grade 1 Report Card
GradeBook Training
Growing Up Wild (Ecology)
Guided Math Study Group
Guitar/Contemporary Music Ensemble Curriculum
High School French 5 Honors
High School French Curricula Revisions
High School Math Common Core Alignment
High School Math DDMs
High School Spanish
High School Spanish Curriculum Revisions
High School Visual Art, Digital Art, 3D DDM Design
High School Visual Arts Curriculum
High School Wellness Educators - Common Planning Time
Holocaust Unit
i-Ready Onsite Training: Understanding Data & Instructional Decision Making
i-READY Training Webinar
Improving Atlas Maps
Improving Independent Reading
Insect Curriculum Development Project
Instructional Shifts in Common Core and Text Complexity
Instructional Support for the Expansion of AP Psychology
Integrating Nonfiction Text into the Social Studies Classroom Gr 6
Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom
Interpreting the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Intro to Computer Programming
Intro to Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom
iPad Integration at High Rock
iReady Math Workshop
It's Our Destiny
K-12: Instruction for All
K Think Math Update
K Think Math Update w/ Consultant
K-5 Reading Maps Vertical Alignment
K-5 Think Math! Professional Development
Kindergarten Fountas & Pinnell 
Language Arts IEP Objectives
Literacy & Libraries: Is That true? Narrative Non-Fiction for Grades K-2
Literacy & Libraries: New and Exciting Non-Fiction for Grades 3-5
Literacy & Library:  Picture Book Biographies Grades 2-5
Literacy Maps and Units of Study Series
Make Technology Work for You and Your Classroom
Math 1-5 CCSS Alignment
Math MCAS and Common Core Work
Math Practices and Common Core Part 2
MCAS Data Study Gr 6, 7, 8
Middle Level Common Core Math Alignment
Middle School Health Curriculum Revision
Middle School Mandarin
Middle School Tech Curriculum Project
Middle School Visual Arts DDM
Modified Science Units
Music Performing Ensemble Class DDM
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training, Initial Certification.
PLC Book Club - "The Sisters"
PLC Book Club - Genre Study
Preparing Your Portfolio for Professional Status
Professional Development - Educator Evaluation Session - Data Gathering (LDO)
Progress Report Working Group
Reach, Write and WIDA
Reading Maps Completion
Refining Collaborative Standards-Based Practices in the NHS English Curriculum
Response to Intervention: How Can School Based TST Support Struggling Learners
Responsive Classroom 1
Responsive Classroom 2
Robotics I 
Science & Literacy Life Cycle
Science Collaboration--science rubrics and units
Science MCAS Data Study Grades 6, 7, 8
Elementary Music STEAM & K
Writing Powerful Sentences
SMART Board Notebook Refresher Workshop
Social and Emotional Books Grades 3-5
Sophomore Academy
Speech & Language Curriculum Development
Standard Co-Teaching Curriculum
Summer Mentor Training
Supervision & Evaluation System Revisions
Supervision and Evaluation Module Training
Teacher Evaluation Conversation Circle: Self Assessment Elementary Teachers
Teacher Evaluation Conversation Circle: Self Assessment High School
Teacher Evaluation Conversation Circle: Self Assessment Middle Grades
Teacher's Guide for Teaching Intro to Wellness
Teacher's Guide for Teaching Nutrition
Teaching Effective Small Group Literacy Instruction Grades K-2, 3-6
Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom
Tech Camp: Enhancing Classroom Learning with Technology
Tech Camp: Web Tools for Your Class
Technology Curriculum Development
The Mysterious World of Insects
The T in STEAM
The Thinking Like A Historian Approach in the United States History Classroom
Think Math Gr. 3 Resources
Think Math Kindergaten Training
Think Math Resources
Think Math! Orientation K-5
Thinking Like a Historian DDMs
Transforming Difficult Conversations into Learning and Better Decisions
Tree Unit
Unpacking Standards for Mathematical Practice
Using Data to Inform Instruction
Using Needham's Google Drive
Visual Arts 2D DDM Development
Vocabulary Sequencing
Vocabulary, Writing, & WIDA
Wellness Program Review
World & America "Thinking Like a Historian" Quarterly DDMs
Write Like a Scientist Early Release Day
Writing in Science-Implementing ELA Technical Writing Standards


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