Located at Needham High School
609 Webster St.
Needham, MA 02494

Tom Denton
Director of Guidance, pre K-12
781-455-0800 x2130


The Guidance Department consists of 24 Guidance Counselors and Specialists in seven school buildings.  Counselors are available to service all students to address academic and personal counseling needs as they are reflected in the school environment.  The Counselors assist students in attaining the levels of emotional, social and behavioral stability that will enable them to maximize their educational opportunities.

Guidance Counselors see students in individual and group modalities, visit classrooms and consult with parents and staff.  They service students of all developmental stages from preschool to graduation from Needham High School, and are instrumental in assisting students in their academic and postsecondary planning.

The Needham Guidance Department supports and works with students, parents and educators to achieve balance between academic excellence and personal wellbeing.  This work includes emotional nurturance, the development of social responsibility, and educational encouragement.   We are committed to a celebration of, rather than a tolerance of, each student’s unique human nature and the differences present in our student body.  We want to be accessible and responsive to you, and welcome your suggestions and feedback.