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Student Support Service Director
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Social/Emotional Learning at the Needham Schools

A Look at SEL in Action in Needham – Secondary Level

SEL at the Middle School
The middle school years are associated with transition, the importance of peers, and identity search. SEL is key to helping these students develop the skills necessary to solve problems, deal with peer pressure, form positive learning habits, and self-manage.

SEL at the High School
As students prepare for adulthood and leaving home, it is critical that they develop the skills (see Competencies) to make good decisions, form positive relationships, and work collaboratively with others. Needham’s SEL work at the High School includes a number of components:

Needham Student Behavior Data
To inform SEL efforts, Needham monitors trends in risky behaviors using the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey based on the CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The middle school data has showed significant improvement trends as students who have received a continuum of SEL skill instruction have moved through the grades.