"I wanted to drop a short note saying what a great NCE program coming up in the fall!!  You touched on every part of people's lives during this challenging time for all of us in various ways! I can't wait to choose one of these online or outdoor classes."

"Most wonderful Alexander Technique teacher Jill Geiger.  Very pleasant and clear.  This class is a beginner's basic class, with helpful resources (I ordered the recommended book from 
thriftbooks.com Body Learning  by Michael Gelb, 2nd edition).  I also appreciate the personal 1/2 hour zoom follow-up resource, with individual attention to the particular neck tension problem that prompted me to sign up for this class.  I learned healthy ways to UNLEARN several poor body posture habits, and I also learned a GREAT muscle relaxation floor resting posture.  I highly recommend this to persons of all ages.  I wish I had taken this class when I was in high school!"

"I loved the class! Nick was well prepared, warm and engaging. He kept us involved and shared a lot of very useful information. I would definitely recommend this course to others. 
You do a great job of offering interesting and useful classes Amy! Thank you." (Lawn Care)

 "I thought the class was very helpful. Lots of practical info that I will use. He also shared power points and gave us the names of products we could use. I would highly recommend this class especially if you are new to lawn care." (Lawn Care)

"This class has been absolutely terrific and Bruce is so knowledgeable!  He wants his students to succeed at learning the safety aspects and enjoyment from riding bikes. Bruce spent extra time (his own) between class one and two researching bike options for those of us who are considering purchasing a bike. A terrific experience!   Hope this is offered again for the rest of the community." (Bike Safety)

I enjoyed the class very much. The handout emailed before the class proved to be very useful. I used it to follow along with the teacher's presentation. Holli is very knowledgeable in her field and seems sincere in her wish for people to lead a healthier life." (Your Healthiest You)

"The class was great, I really loved it! It worked out well to be held virtually...plus Chelsea made it super easy and fun....I would definitely take another class with her again!" (Needle Felt Pumpkins)

"The class was FANTASTIC! Hila was so well prepared for the class both with the food and Covid safety measures. She really thought it out well. The food was great and the weather could not have been better. Her family helped out which made it feel like a real Israeli experience. I would highly recommend the class." (Middle Eastern Cooking)

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