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Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity


Here in Needham public schools, we are proud of the power and promise of our METCO program. We are guided by the following goals:

  • To provide the opportunity for children from racially imbalanced schools to learn together in an integrated public school setting.
  • To reduce racial isolation so that students from different backgrounds can learn from each other in meaningful ways.
  • To provide closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban parents.

The spirit of the METCO program is reflected in this quote from Michelle Comma, Class of 2017: “Let's have a talk. I want everyone to enter this conversation with an open mind and, when it's over, it is not my goal for you to think the way that I do or feel the way that I feel. But instead, I hope that at the very least, you can begin to understand why I think the way that I do and feel the way that I feel.”

This website is a resource for you to become familiar with the many facets of the METCO program, built on the commitment of our two communities which began in 1969. Needham and Boston families have worked together for 46 years to create culturally relevant educational and social/emotional experiences for all of our students and families. That spirit and commitment continues to be both the foundation of our programming as well as our inspiration for continually seeking to improve the METCO experience for all our constituents.

Please visit our webpages to learn about the dedicated METCO staff and explore program highlights at these links: elementary schools, middle schools, and high school METCO programs. 

I am happy to answer any questions and welcome you to contact me at (617)-480-5073.

Joanne Allen-Willoughby

METCO Director, Needham Public Schools

METCO office located at
Needham High School
609 Webster Street
Needham, MA 02494

METCO Director:
Joanne Allen-Willoughby, PhD
[email protected]
Cell: (617)-480-5073
Office: (781)-455-0800 Ext.22522

METCO Assistant Director:
Juliet Hazard-Riley
[email protected]
Office: (781)-455-0800

METCO Administrative Assistant: 

Rebecca Levine
[email protected]
Office: (781)-455-0800 Ext.22735


“METCO is seen as an opportunity for suburban Boston communities to improve the quality of their respective school systems and to provide new learning experiences for their resident students as well as for children from Boston. METCO students bring fresh insights and new perspectives to the suburban classroom. METCO is a two-way street benefitting all children.” Robert C. Hayden, METCO Executive Director 1970

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