Progress Report

This progress report is intended to complement existing parent conferences and to better communicate with you about your child's progress toward mastering the learning expectations for his/her grade level. It is a reflection of the district's goal to have a system in place that enables students to be engaged in challenging academic experiences that are grounded in clearly defined standards. It also represents how schools across the state and country are now reporting student learning. These types of reporting systems communicate students' progress in a way that descriptively reflects what s/he knows and what s/he is able to do in relation to the state curriculum standards. A student's achievement is reported separately from effort.

The parent brochure outlines the categories that are included in the report for each curriculum area and provides a description of the characteristics associated with proficiency in that category. In each reporting period, the skills that are taught are assessed against a benchmark. Numerical levels are used to report performance with respect to the grade level learning goals. The system is designed to describe how well a student is progressing with respect to grade level expectations, rather than in relation to other students in the class. It is a snapshot of a child's progress towards the mastery of grade level learning goals at a particular point in time. The scale cannot be equated to traditional letter grades. An explanation of these markings appears in this brochure.

Across the district, this type of reporting system is now in place for grades K-5. It is designed to be responsive to updates in curriculum programming and state requirements as they occur. The progress report that you are seeing today represents the work of many thoughtful individuals and groups. We thank you for working with us to ensure a meaningful system for communicating student progress.

Grade K Parent Brochure
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