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Permission Slip for Extracurricular Student Activities and Transportation in Private Vehicles

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Student Accident Insurance Coverage Information

During the 2022/23 School Year, the Needham Public Schools will provide student accident insurance coverage for students and unpaid volunteers participating in the following types of school sponsored events and activities.   This coverage will be provided at no cost to families, and will automatically cover all enrolled students.  Covered school sponsored activities include:
  • Students participating in interscholastic, middle school sports and club sports. 
  • Students participating in non-athletic, one-day field trips and extracurricular events. 
  • Students participating in overnight and athletic field trips, including out-of-state and international trips, as well as job shadowing/school-to-work programs and the junior and senior proms. 
  • Unpaid volunteers who help out with extracurricular and school activities, including chaperones, monitors, volunteer office staff, day care workers, and playground monitors. 
  • Students participating in physical education/ gym class activities.
For more information about this student accident insurance coverage, please click this link.    If you would like to file a claim, please contact Melane Bisbas in the School Business Office at:  [email protected] or by phone at 781-455-0400 x 11204.

Travel Sickness Insurance for Out-of-State and Overseas Trips

Starting in FY23, students participating in out-of-state or overseas trips will be required to purchase travel sickness insurance, as a component of the trip expense.  It covers expenses resulting from treating an illness while on an out-of-state or overseas trip, and includes medical evacuation, if necessary. The maximum coverage is $100,000 per student (plus $10,000 dental coverage), per trip for both sickness and injury.  There is no deductible under this plan.  Premiums cover only the trip for which coverage is requested, and it does not cover any non-medical expenses, such as trip cancellation or lost luggage.    Trip leaders will collect the $6.50/day/student fee from families as part of the travel cost, and the District will remit payment to the insurance agency, along with a roster of student travelers.  Information on this travel sickness insurance is available here

Voluntary Supplemental Accident Insurance Application & Coverage Information

Additionally, the Needham Public Schools will continue to make supplementary "anytime, anywhere” accident insurance available for purchase by families and NPS staff members, at the low annual price of up to $58/year.  This coverage is purchased directly from the District's insurance agent on a voluntary basis.  It covers accidents that occur both in and out of school and continues to provide coverage through the summer months, even though school is not in session.   The most popular components are: 24-Hour coverage at $50.00 and Extended Dental (24-Hour) coverage at $8.00.  It has a $1,000,000 maximum benefit, per accident with a $0 deductible and a 2-year benefit paying period.   Policy, claims and enrollment information are available at the link below

SY 23/24 Student Accident Medical Insurance Protection

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