Medication Drop-Off Protocol

Needham Public Schools Medication Drop-Off Protocol


Many students require daily medications at school, and/or need to have emergency medications available in school in order to mitigate a diagnosed chronic health condition and/or treat symptoms of a potentially life-threatening condition.


Due to COVID-19, and in order to maximize the health and safety of our students and staff, parents/guardians will not be permitted to enter school buildings during school hours. Therefore, the following protocol has been established to allow for parents/guardians to drop-off their students’ medications at school.


1.     Medication drop-off will be by appointment only; if your child requires medication at school, or needs to have emergency medication on-hand, you must call your child’s school nurse to arrange a mutually agreeable appointment.

2.     Medications must be delivered to the school nurse by an adult; only the school nurse can accept medication.

3.     At the time of your appointment, you must wear a mask and pull up to the curb of the school and remain in your car.

4.     Please have a sign with your child’s last name visible in the car window so that the school nurse can see it.

5.     The school nurse will come to your car; roll down your window and hand the medication and required forms to the nurse.

a.     ALL medications MUST be in pharmacy labeled containers, no unlabeled medications will be accepted.

b.     Over the counter medications must be delivered in the original packaging labeled with the student’s name.

c.     All over the counter medications that are not listed on the Emergency Card require an order from the student’s primary care physician and parental authorization.

d.     All medications must be accompanied with completed Parental Authorization and Physician Authorization Forms. Forms must be dated after July 1, 2021.

e.     Parent/guardian must notify the school nurse about the number of medication doses that are in the container. The nurse will complete a count and will confirm that the count matches the parent/guardian’s; the parent/guardian must stay in their car until receiving confirmation of correct count.

6.     The nurse will inform the parent/guardian that the count is verified and the parent/guardian is free to leave.

7.     The nurse will document the name of the medication, quantity received, and adult who dropped off medication in electronic health record system.

8.     Nurse will proceed with regular medication protocol and lock up the medication immediately upon entry to the Health Office.

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